Charlotte Hannah
September 10, 2012

Jon Hamm has a Clingy Pants Induced Wardrobe Malfunction (PHOTOS)

Alright, here it is: if you have absolutely no desire to see Jon Hamm’s penis (well, the outline of it), navigate away from this page right now.

Everybody still with me? That’s what I thought.


This shot of Hamm and (lucky) girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt were taken last week, when the two were shopping in New York. What could have been a run of the mill, ‘OMG celebrities are just like us!’ pic became much more (like, at least six inches more) when somebody looked at it and realized that a very special guest had shown up to the party.

The Huffington Post did some very important investigative journalism on the matter, calling up a ‘source’ from the set of Mad Men to get the inside scoop on Jon’s dudely parts.

“He doesn’t know this, but we used to have to airbrush it out of pics sometimes,” says the insider. “Jon is a big boy but sometimes it can be distracting.”

This will go down in history as probably the nicest thing an ‘anonymous source’ has ever said about a celebrity.

Some folks would like you to think that this picture is Photoshopped, but I implore you not to believe their lies.  As evidence of the photo’s veracity, I offer you the following photos of Jon Hamm. These were taken at various points in time throughout the past few years, and prove that

1. Jon Hamm frequently goes commando

2. The above photograph is all Hamm.

True story: It took me four tries to upload these pictures. The only conclusion I can draw from this is that Jon Hamm’s penis broke the Internet. Tell your friends.