Nokyoung Xayasane
September 07, 2012

Frank Ocean Steals the Show at VMAs (VIDEO)

In a highly anticipated performance, Frank Ocean took to the VMA stage to perform Thinkin’ Bout You.

The R&B singer made headlines earlier this year when he came out as a bisexual male. There’s been a lot of hype around him, and fans were not disappointed with Ocean’s heartfelt yet subdued rendition. The stage was set as a beach bonfire party, reminiscent of the song’s lyrics.

His performance has been described as simple and reserved, but it seemed to steal the show. Others described his voice as shifting from graceful melodies to touching falsettos, and always riveting.

Lady Gaga posted her praise after watching Ocean’s first high profile performance since coming out to the public. “watch frank ocean steal this whle show. I’m dead” tweeted Gaga.

Up and coming singer Rita Ora also gave props to the singer: “I love Frank Ocean. I thought it was so sensitive and sincere. It was so kind of clean. It was just his voice. It was beautiful. I loved it.”

What did you think about Frank Ocean’s VMA performance?