Charlotte Hannah
August 16, 2012

Harry Styles Rocks Creepy Muscle Suit (PHOTOS)

One Direction’s Harry Styles took it all off in the name of fashion this week. And when we say he took it all off, we mean all of it.

The boy-bander was spotted in London with his friend celebrity DJ Nick Grimshaw and some pals. While things started off innocently enough, Styles was soon persuaded by his friends to slip into a morphsuit (full-body leotard) with human musculature printed on it. The result was pretty creepy, and fans who witnessed the strange display seemed to have mixed feelings about it.

“One minute Harry was wearing his trademark T-Shirt and jeans, the next he was wearing the suit and running up and down the hill. The next he looked like Freddy Kruger,” said one witness.

Since the 18-year-old singer spent an afternoon rocking the strange suit, demand for the ‘muscle suit’ has skyrocketed.

One thing is for sure: it definitely made for some good pictures.