Charlotte Hannah
August 10, 2012

Ryan Lochte: Reality TV Star?

Word on the street is that Ryan Lochte could be America’s next Bachelor.

In an interview on the Today Show, Lochte told Matt Lauer that he’s hoping to break into the reality TV scene – Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor in particular.

So, could we see the gold-medalist leaving behind the “one night stands” and settling down with a Bachelor babe any time soon?

“I’m definitely looking towards Dancing with the Stars and The Bachelor, so we’ll see what happens,” said Lochte, who has allegedly already received three offers for reality shows, though he can’t confirm which ones.

The 28-year-old also told Lauer that now that the Olympics are over, he hopes to move to LA to start his own fashion line.

“I definitely want to move to L.A.,” he said. “That’s been a big goal of mine, getting into fashion because that is my passion. I definitely want to get into fashion and design my own clothing line.”

Though before he tries to make his way in the fashion industry, the Olympian plans to take some much-deserved time off.

“It’s been four years of every day in the pool. I think it’s time for me to take at least a couple weeks,” said Lochte.