Nokyoung Xayasane
August 10, 2012

Kanye West Says Song ‘Perfect Bitch’ is About Kim Kardashian – WTF

Um, I’ll first admit that I don’t like Kanye West. There you go: my early warning and unequivocal bias. But this isn’t about how West bugs the sh*t outta me, it’s about his new song Perfect Bitch

West has tweeted that Perfect Bitch (from his upcoming album Cruel Summer) is about the buxom reality star: “I wrote the song Perfect Bitch about Kim.” Others say that the song is also about West’s ex-girlfriend Amber Rose.

Another reason for me to NOT like Kanye’s work.

I remember Kim Kardashian being interviewed by Oprah Winfrey, and Kim talking about Kanye’s bad boy persona–how he plays it up. Is this another ‘bad boy’ persona tactic, or just sheer misogyny?

I know it’s supposed to be a term of endearment in the world of hip-hop, but since I inhabit the world of reality, the term ‘bitch’ doesn’t evoke an ‘Aw shucks’ mentality from me, it makes me wanna bitch slap a ni**a.

WAIT A MINUTE. Did that word raise a few hairs on your head?

Examiner.com believes that the two are equivalent. One pejorative term for another: one for women, one for blacks. (I won’t use the politically correct term of African American since not all black people are from America, are they?) I can’t say I agree with the two terms being the same, but I can see where the writer is coming from.

Women and men alike can change this narrative by recognizing that this term is damaging, says WomenHipHopRB.com. How? Maybe not go to the extreme of physical violence (i.e. bitch slapping a ni**a), but by making it verbally clear that this word is unacceptable.

I mean, writing a song called Perfect Bitch for the woman you claim to love. Wouldn’t a single rose suffice?

Also, it’s just unfortunate that I had to write the word ‘bitch’ so many times in one post. It’s also unfortunate that this man is hero to adolescent boys.