Charlotte Hannah
August 09, 2012

O.J. Simpson’s Ex Shopping Sex Tape

Christie Prody, better known as the ex-girlfriend of O.J. Simpson, is allegedly shopping a sex tape around to various porn companies.

This could be a big deal, if not for the fact that O.J.’s not even in it. And, unsurprisingly, porn companies (such as Vivid Entertainment) seem pretty uninterested in watching Prody get it on with some non-famous guy.

37-year-old Prody, who dated O.J. for 13 years up until he was sent to prison in 2009 for kidnapping, stars in the video along with some unknown dude who was apparently her rebound following the breakup from Simpson.

That’s all we know about this particular story, but in other interesting news, Prody is allegedly planning to plead guilty to charges of second degree burglary and fifth degree drug possession for stealing prescription medication from patients for whom she worked as an in-home nursing assistant.

She could be facing either prison time or a mandatory drug treatment program for stealing prescription pills from the home of a Moorhead couple.

What an interesting life this woman leads.