Charlotte Hannah
August 07, 2012

Pastor Kicks People in the Face to ‘Cure’ Their Cancer

Despite objections from citizens and politicians alike, a Canadian preacher who claims to be able to cure cancer and polio through violence is being admitted to the UK to perform his “healing acts”.

When Malcolm Wicks, a Member of Parliament in the UK, found out that Pastor Todd Bentley of Fresh Fire Ministries was planning on swinging by the UK to perform his controversial brand of healing, he called for the pastor to be blocked from entering Britain.

Why was the MP so adamant that Bentley be kept out of the country? Here are a few facts about the odd character that will help you understand:

When Bentley was 15, he was convicted of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old boy. He has spoken openly about this incident. Bentley went on to be a Hell’s Angel and a drug addict, before being ‘saved’ and becoming a pastor.

Bentley claims that he has brought 33 people back from the dead, and that 20 of these cases are “medically verified”. He also claims to be able to “explode” tumors, perform a successful exorcism by beating and choking a person, and cure polio by repeatedly kicking a victim in the leg.

Here an actual quote:

“I was asked why the power of God isn’t moving and I said it’s because I haven’t kicked that woman in the face. The Holy Spirit spoke to me, the gift of faith came on me, and said, ‘Kick her in the face with your biker boot.’ I inched closer and I went bam! Just as my boot made contact with her nose, she fell under the power of God.”

Bentley isn’t a completely unknown, fringe operator either. The controversial preacher was heavily involved in a six-month Christian revival (which became known as the Florida Outpouring) in 2008 and drew a crowd of 400,000 to Lakeland, Florida.

Despite all this, he’s set to tour the UK starting on August 30th.

“I’m concerned by Todd Bentley’s methods,” explained Doctor Peter May. “I would urge people to keep away from him.”

What do you think? Would the Brits be justified in keeping this man out of their country?