Charlotte Hannah
July 05, 2012

The ‘Merica Burger is All Bacon, All Business (PHOTO)

Slater’s 50/50, a three-location burger chain in Southern California known for its creative patties, is debuting its newest creation for July. It’s a doozy.

After rolling out everything from a pulled pork burger, to a lamb burger, to an orange chicken burger, this purveyor of ‘burgers by design’ is proudly displaying their patriotism with a burger that is unequivocally American. The chain is already known for their 50% bacon, 50% ground beef patties (presumably it’s where they got their name), but for this one, they pulled out all the stops.

Introducing: The ‘Merica Burger.

100% ground bacon patty.

A slice of thick-cut bacon on top.

An egg, sunny side up.

“Bacon island” dressing, whatever that is.

A thick slice of bacon cheddar cheese.

That’s right, people, this burger is pretty much 100% pork belly. I can’t think of a description for it other than ‘bacon orgy’. It is so much bacon. It would make the guys from Epic Meal Time proud, that’s for sure.

When you think about it, the ‘Merica Burger is the essence of America, sandwiched between two greasy-looking buns. It is sloppy and delicious, low-brow and decadent. It is fascinating, and kind of gross, and strangely beautiful.

It is a symbol of our freedom – our freedom to laugh in the face of good health and good sense, and to eat a day’s worth of calories in one sitting just because we feel like it. The ‘Merica Burger brings together people of all colors and creeds, united in a shared love of salty meats.

It will be available for the rest of July.