Charlotte Hannah
July 05, 2012

Tallulah Willis Nude Photos Allegedly Being Shopped Around

Quite a few celebrities have been caught up in nude photo scandals in the past year – everyone from Scarlett Johansson to Carly Rae Jepsen has had their nekkid pics (or those of a close lookalike) released to the public. It seems that the newest target is Bruce Willis and Demi Moore’s daughter, Tallulah Willis.

RadarOnline reports that four nude photos of the 18-year-old topless and possibly smoking a joint are being offered up for purchase.

It’s been a tough year for Tallulah and her family, with mother Demi Moore being hospitalized early this year for anorexia and substance abuse following the dissolution of her marriage with Ashton Kutcher. Her breakdown was allegedly brought about by rumors that Kutcher cheater on her with a much-younger woman.

Last month, her 20-year-old sister Scout was arrested and charged with two misdemeanours for drinking a beer in the middle of Union Square and presenting a fake ID. Tallulah herself was busted for underage drinking just last year.

Considering that Tallulah just graduated from high school, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bruce Willis was pretty upset with whomever is shopping the photos around. Here’s hoping he goes on a John McClane-esque rampage and blows up some buildings or something.