Charlotte Hannah
July 03, 2012

Survey Shows Almost 40% of Women Would Give Up Sex Over Their Favorite Food

If you were given the choice between giving up sex for a year, or giving up your favorite food for a year, which would you choose? According to a recent survey, single women are much more likely to answer the former.

The survey, which went beyond questions of food vs. sex, was designed to get a feel for popular attitudes among singles regarding the relationship between food, dining etiquette, and romantic attraction. It was available on Today.com and Match.com for one week. 4,000 singles, most of whom were between the ages of 25 and 70, took the survey.

The results were sometimes surprising, but mostly pretty understandable. Using the information gleaned from this study, I have constructed a profile of the ideal mate. The ideal mate:

  • Orders an alcoholic drink during the meal, but doesn’t drink more than their dining partner
  • Does not order for their dining partner (who does that?) or ask to share a meal or split the check
  • Is an adventurous eater who likes to cook (bonus points if they are knowledgeable about food)
  • Has good manners and ‘uses utensils correctly’
  • Doesn’t flirt with the wait staff or treat them rudely
  • Leaves a generous tip but doesn’t make a show of it
  • Isn’t a vegetarian (if their dining partner is a meat-eater, but not vice-versa)

Finally, the most surprising stat from the survey: 39% of women (compared to only 16% of men) would rather give up sex for a year than give up their favorite food. The two foods that topped the list were (surprise) chocolate and (actually a surprise) steak.

What do you think? Which would you rather forgo?