Charlotte Hannah
June 20, 2012

The BeePocalypse is Nigh: New York Invaded by Huge Swarms of Bees (PICS)

You might think that this whole post was just an excuse to use this picture. You would be correct.

Some say the end is near. As December 2012 approaches, those who believe that the apocalypse is imminent are finding themselves with even more fuel for their theory.

First, Angelina Jolie’s leg thrust threw the earth slightly out of orbit. Then, the Florida zombie happened. And now… the bees.

New York has been experiencing an unusually high number of honey bee swarms this year. In fact, the amount of bees in the city compared to that in previous years, has nearly doubled.

On May 16th, police were called to a bank on Bowery in order to remove a cluster of bees the size of a watermelon that had congregated on a tree branch. It looked like this:

Later that month, a massive swarm of at least 10,000 bees trapped a family in their vehicle. There unfortunately aren’t any good photos of the encounter, so here is an artist’s rendering:

Bees Of New York: coming to a theater near you.

Experts say that the high volume of bees is due to the warm winter and early spring creating optimal breeding conditions. This, in combination with the growing number of amateur beekeepers that have cropped up since New York lifted its beekeeping ban in 2010, has created a perfect swarm of optimal bee breeding circumstances.

On one hand, it’s great that we still even have bees, considering the concern over declining bee populations and the disastrous effect this would have on the earth. But on the other hand… bees, you guys. Bees everywhere.

So far, no one has been injured by the swarms. Yet.

Look away. Now look back. This post is now bees.