Nokyoung Xayasane
June 20, 2012

Hilary Duff Cigarette Smoking While Breastfeeding? (PHOTO)

Horror of all horrors, Hilary Duff was photographed recently with a cigarette in hand (note the sarcasm). The new mom has been chastised after pics emerged of her standing outside Rock & Reilly’s Irish Pub on Friday, holding a cig.

Okay, so I’m a non-smoker but it really irritates me when smokers are made to feel ashamed that they smoke. I mean, as long as the person’s not blowing the smoke directly in my face, I’m fine with it. I have friends who smoke, and I’ve helped a few quit, while others continue to smoke. Whatever.

Hilary says she wasn’t smoking, but holding the cigarette for a friend.

I guess the uproar is that she’s newly given birth and people are concerned about her breastfeeding while smoking.”I’m breast-feeding, so you have to be careful and not do anything too drastic,” Duff said earlier this month.

So now I’m not sure about how I feel with the baby in the equation. I can understand why people are upset, but Hilary is an adult, making her own decisions. There’s no need for me to compare her allegedly smoking with other starlets who’ve had drug and alcohol addictions (even though I just did). We all seem to be supportive when it comes to these cases, but when a celebrity smokes up–voila!– frenzy ensues?

“PLEASE STOP HILARY!! We love you and all, but you just created your amazing, perfect, and adorable family. There’s really no need to add cigarettes into the equation,” wrote MTV.

News flash: Famous people are human too. And referring to cigarettes as cancer sticks is just annoying.

I know Liam Hemsworth and Kristen Stewart came under fire for smoking, but honestly, is it really that big of a deal? (Kristen isn’t smoking cigarettes here, but that’s another contentious issue that can’t be easily resolved in one post.)

It seems that we hold celebrities up to a certain status (why else would we be writing and reading about them), but let’s face it: They’re people; not role models.