Charlotte Hannah
June 19, 2012

Hilary Duff Sued Over 2010 Car Crash (VIDEO)

New mother Hilary Duff was served up a lawsuit yesterday over a car crash that allegedly occurred in December 2010.

The lawsuit was filed by Rachel Owens, who claims that Duff crashed into the back of her vehicle with a Range Rover and caused her serious injuries. She is requesting an unknown amount of money for mental and physical damages that she claims she has suffered as a result of the crash.

According to court documents, Owens alleges that she was “hurt and injured in her health, strength and activity, sustaining injury to her nervous system.”

She also claims that her injuries are preventing her from doing her job, saying that she has been “prevented from attending her usual occupation for a period of time in the future.” Court documents do not state what her occupation is. Owens alleges that she has been treated by a number of doctors and surgeons since the crash.

No word on why Owens is just filing charges now, nearly two years later. Here’s hoping Hilary can get this sorted out quickly so she can get back to being an awesome mom to baby Luca!