Charlotte Hannah
June 12, 2012

Dress Made of Wine: Coming to a Closet Near You

Have you ever left a glass of wine sitting out for a few days and noticed the ‘skin’ that seems to form on top of it? If you’re not as housecleaning-challenged as I am, take my word for it; this really is what happens.

Well, researchers at the University of Western Australia have found a way to grow that same skin (called ‘fibrous cellulose’) and form it into clothing. In an interview with Wired Magazine, one of the creators of the fabric explained how it forms:

“This microbial cellulose [produced] is chemically similar to cotton. Therefore the Micro-be garments are made from microbial cotton. It is formed on the surface of the wine, almost as if the bacteria are trying to form a raft to flow on the wine. One could only imagine the sing-a-longs and good times by all the bacteria on this drunken raft.”

The garments are formed by layering this skin over an inflatable mannequin in the desired shape, letting it dry, and then deflating the mannequin to reveal a form-fitting piece of clothing. They are seamless, totally eco-friendly, and also sort of gross. Over time, the fabric does ferment, and if you’re wearing it, you’d better make sure that you keep out of the rain – the wine fabric apparently feels like ‘sludge’ when wet.

Not a big fan of vino? The fabric can also be made of other types of alcohol, including beer.

What do you think? Would you wear clothing made of wine?