Charlotte Hannah
June 08, 2012

Overly Attached Girlfriend is Justin Bieber’s Biggest Fan (VIDEO)

Think you’re the biggest Justin Bieber fan? Don’t tell that to this girl, or she’ll find out where you live (she probably already knows where you live) and she will probably hurt you.

In a new contest to promote his new fragrance, Girlfriend, the Biebz asked his female fans to submit their own, personalized versions of his new song, Boyfriend.

Most of the videos are saccharine sweet and essentially exactly what you’d expect from a contest that requires tween girls to post videos on the Internet of themselves singing pop songs. And yes, I watched a few of them for the purposes of writing this article. I fear I may have sustained permanent psychological damage.

Speaking of psychological damage, one video submission in particular stood out from the crowd. The video, uploaded by ‘wzr0713’, features a girl staring wide-eyed into the camera and laying down lines like, “If I was your girlfriend, I’d never let you leave, without a small recording device, taped under your sleeve.”

Creepy, to say the least. It becomes clear over the course of the video that it’s a parody, but that certainly doesn’t detract from the unsettling vibe. If you’ve ever had (or known) a girlfriend who got a little too attached, some of the sentiments expressed in the video will be altogether too familiar to you.

No word from J-Biebz yet, but the Internet sure loved it. Overly Attached Girlfriend was immediately turned into a meme, spawning hundreds of pictures and even her own website. Check out some of the creepy best, below: