Charlotte Hannah
June 08, 2012

Homework Prom Dress Puts a Creative Twist on Grad (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Prom dresses have come a long way since the days of beaded bodices and tons of taffeta, but one thing about prom dresses that will probably never change is the price. It’s no secret that prom dresses are expensive, with girls sometimes spending upwards of $200 on a dress.

17-year-old Kara Koskowich is not one of those girls. This student decided she’d save some money, recycle some unwanted paper, and guarantee that she wouldn’t show up to prom wearing the same dress as someone else by making her own prom dress out of old math homework.

The student began making her dress in March, but didn’t finish it until the night before prom. Clearly there’s just something in the chemical makeup of math homework that causes procrastination in humans. More research on this subject is required.

Koskowich’s date was her friend Dorothy Graham, who was wearing a dress she made out of plastic bags. According to Graham, the dresses made the pair the most popular people at prom.

These two aren’t the first to make their own dresses for prom. Check out these pictures of some other creative, handmade prom attire!

This delicious looking dress is made of Doritos bags. She could've used the Doritos dust as a self-tanner.

This couple's outfits are made entirely of duct tape.

I can't even imagine how many Starburst wrappers went into this.

Skittles wrappers make up this dress.

This dress is made of pop tabs and ribbon. Super stylish!