Charlotte Hannah
June 07, 2012

Jewel Fixes Teeth to Play June Carter Cash (PHOTO)

Lifetime Television sure is on a roll this year. First, they signed Lindsay Lohan to portray Liz Taylor in an upcoming biopic. Now they’ve got songstress Jewel on board to play June Carter Cash in their newest project.

It seems the 38-year old singer is really taking the role seriously. She’s even gone so far as to get her famously crooked teeth fixed. The Pieces of You singer has also dyed her hair brown and gotten herself a pair of blue contacts to better portray June Carter Cash.

Jewel's natural smile.

The singer has always been able to laugh at herself. On an episode of Jimmy Kimmy Live! in 2009, she told the host, “People are always asking me, why don’t I get my teeth fixed. Well, I’m proud of my flaws and you should be too. Not only do I think my horrible snaggletooth is uniquely beautiful, it also comes in handy.”

This was followed by clips of Jewel opening a beer bottle, a can of soup, and a bike lock with her teeth, and finally using them to rip open a car door, ‘Jaws of Life’-style.

Apparently, Jewel’s straightened smile is only temporary. Sources say she plans to ditch the new teeth and revert back to her natural hair color once filming wraps at the end of this month. The biopic is set to be released at the end of 2012.