Nokyoung Xayasane
May 09, 2012

Lady Gaga Faces Mass Protest in Indonesia — Deemed Too ‘Vulgar’

Lady Gaga was happily received from stoked Japanese fans. Gaga impersonators were among the crowd of elated little monsters (see vid below). However, the reception in Indonesia may be a different story.

Gaga begin her Born This Way Ball world tour on April 12. Her Asian tour schedule began in South Korea where she came face-to-face with demonstrators outside her show in Seoul. The Fame Monster’s provocative stage attire and racy lyrics angered protesters.

Now Gaga is facing the same harsh reception in Indonesia. “We will stop her from setting foot on our land. She had better not dare spread her satanic faith in this country,” declared Salim Alatas, a chairman from the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). She is pegged to perform in Jakarta on June 3, and FPI has threatened to intercept her at the airport.

Geez Lousie, I thought she sang mostly about bad romances and leaving her heart on the dancefloor. Was there some satanic verses that I missed out on? Maybe I have to play her record backwards, or something *eye rolls*

“Her style is vulgar, her sexual and indecent clothes will destroy our children’s sense of morality. She’s very dangerous,” Salim added. FPI has been known to make threats that they can’t bank on, usually failing to follow through. They also face the dissent from 40,000 Indonesian fans who plan to attend her sold-out show.

What do you think about the mass protests against Gaga? Is it an issue of differing cultures? Or people with their panties in a bunch?

Lady Gaga is greeted by hundreds of her little monsters in Japan.