Nokyoung Xayasane
May 09, 2012

John Travolta: Another Male Accuser Comes Forward in Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A second male masseur has come forward in the sexual battery and harassment lawsuit against actor, John Travolta. This time the accuser resides in Atlanta. This second allegation comes on the heels of a similar charge set forth by a Texan male masseur.

“There’s a bunch of accusers against Travolta who have similar accusations,” reveals plaintiff lawyer Okorie Okorocha. “Many have contacted me, and I’m still vetting their stories. More defendants might come forward soon.”

The two masseurs remain nameless, and have been accused by Travolta’s lawyer as seekers of their 15 minutes of fame. Martin Singer, lawyer to the stars, said the accusations are “absurd and ridiculous.”

However, Okorocha says that the men “never wanted this attention,” and were trying to keep the indiscretions out of the public eye. After a month of negotiations with Travolta’s legal reps, the accuser felt the talks were going nowhere and formally filed a sexual battery lawsuit.

Singer claims that Travolta was in New York on January 16–the day that the first accuser was allegedly assaulted at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Along with denying these allegations, an insider also reveals that Travolta is tired of people questioning his sexuality.

The actor has been married to Kelly Preston for 20 years and has three children with the actress. But back in 1990, Paul Barresi claimed that the two had a two-year affair in the 1980s. He later retracted his story after suffering legal pressure for Travolta’s lawyers.

Regarding his current legal woes, Singer believes Travolta “will be fully vindicated in court on both of these absurd and fictional claims.” It remains to be seen if other accusers will step forward.