Nokyoung Xayasane
May 09, 2012

Christina Aguilera Apologizes to Tony Lucca, The Voice Showdown

The world was abuzz with the Christina-Adam-Tony showdown on The Voice. The cattiness of the season came to head when Christina Aguilera called Tony Lucca‘s rendition of 99 Problems “derogatory to women.”

But all feuds must come to an end, and this one seemed to move from a fiery mess to a slow sizzle.

Christina was seen whispering to Lucca at the end of Tuesday’s show. The Voice has declared Jermaine Paul the winner, and we wonder if this feuding led to Lucca’s demise?

“She just wanted to clear the air a bit,” says Lucca about their private chat. The Bionic singer “apologize[d] that this became much more of a dramatic thing than she ever intended it. I said to her, ‘I hope that we can be cool moving forward.'” Lucca was heard backstage calling Christina “pathetic” during Monday’s show. “I take pride in the fact that my whole career has been a career of integrity, and sound relationships,” added Luca.

“Her criticism for the most part has inspired me and led me to a higher plane than I might not have found otherwise,” say Luca. “I’ve tried to turn that all into positive and use it for creative inspiration but I don’t know… maybe this is America’s way of saying that they don’t want to reward this sort of petty back-and-forth kind of thing.”

Amen, we’re down for some drama, but it soon becomes old hat after a while.