Charlotte Hannah
May 08, 2012

Jenelle Evans’ Breasts Hit the Beach (PHOTOS)

A mere week after undergoing breast implant surgery at Wilmington Plastic Surgery, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans hit the beach in a teeny pink bikini to show off her pride and joy. No, we’re not talking about her son, Jace (who is still in custory of Jenelle’s mother) – we’re talking about her new breasts.

Although bandages could be seen peeking out beneath the underwire of her Victoria’s Secret bathing suit, Evans was too pleased with the results of her surgery not to show them off to photographers. But, while the reality TV star may be anxious to show off her expensive new toys, one plastic surgery expert says that this isn’t a very wise move:

“I don’t know of a single plastic surgeon who would be okay with this activity, let alone encourage it. She increases her risk of complications, especially infection, scar formation, and discoloration,” explains Dr. Gabriel Chiu to Celebuzz.com.

There are a ton of pictures of Jenelle’s beach romp, and after checking them out, we can’t help but notice one thing: the beach is empty, save for Jenelle and Gary Head, and it looks cold. The whole thing just makes us kind of sad. Take a look at the photos below and decide for yourself: