Charlotte Hannah
May 07, 2012

Lindsay Lohan has Dinner with Woody Allen After ‘Hit and Run’ Charges Dropped (VIDEO)

Things certainly seem to be looking up for Lindsay Lohan! The controversial actress has managed to dodge hit-and-run charges and she may have a new movie in the works.

Recently, Nightclub manager Thaer Kamal accused Lindsay of hitting him with her Porsche while leaving a club in March. Lohan claimed that the accusations were “a complete lie”. Luckily, authorities agreed with her (for once), and the DA dropped the case, stating:

“There is no direct evidence to show Lindsay Lohan or anyone else struck victim Kamal. Victim Kamal changed story and lack of cooperation with law enforcement make him a non-credible witness. The fact that no collision is seen on the video and a lack of damage to any vehicle or any independent witnesses make it impossible to prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

Later that night, Lohan and Woody Allen were spotted dining at the Philippe restaurant in NYC, along with Allen’s wife, Soon-Yi Previn. The two have reportedly been friends for a number of years, with Allen standing by the troubled young starlet during her numerous scandals.

According to sources, the two were “deep in discussion”. It’s rumoured that Allen may be considering her for one of his future films. Good luck, Lindsay!