Charlotte Hannah
May 01, 2012

Paulina Gretzky Heats Up Instagram with Racy Photos

Paulina Gretzky – yes, that Gretzky – has found herself in the midst of another scandal after posting some very NSFW pictures of herself on the popular social networking site, Instagram. So now, not only does the Internet get to see sexually-charged pictures of Paulina Gretzky, the Internet gets to see sexually-charged pictures of Paulina Gretzky IN SEPIA.

The photos were taken by Gretzky on a recent trip to Las Vegas with friends. We can’t post them here because we really mean it when we say they’re NSFW – in fact, they were described by The Vancouver Sun as ‘shocking’ and ‘dirty’ (no word on whether they agreed with her choice of the Amaro filter). You can, however, go check out the offending photos here.

Gretzky, who is semi-but-not-really-famous for being the daughter of a Canadian hockey legend and also for putting photos of her ‘great ones’ up on the Internet, was publicly grounded from Twitter by her father in November of 2011, after tweeting some rather revealing photos. She soon returned to the social network, albeit in a slightly more family-friendly fashion.

What do you think? Is Paulina Gretzky a regular 20-something receiving unfair criticism due to her famous father, or is she crossing a line of decency?