Nokyoung Xayasane
April 27, 2012

Julianne Hough Crushes on Phillip Phillips – How Does Ryan Seacrest, Her BF, React?!

How does Ryan Seacrest feel about his girlfriend’s crush? Julianne Hough attended an American Idol taping this week, and Seacrest confronted Phillip Phillips on stage after his performance. Ah, maybe confront is too extreme, but the host was in the midst of fighting off “a bad stomach bug,” so he couldn’t go all neanderthal on Phillips if he had wanted to.

“We were backstage and you ran past my girlfriend and she sighed and blushed. I think I heard her say ‘yummy,'” revealed Seacrest. The camera then panned to Hough who stood backstage blushing and giggling.

The 21-year-old contestant told reporters that he wasn’t complaining. “She’s a gorgeous woman and Ryan’s an awesome guy so they’re an awesome match. I think she got all giddy or something but I don’t know. It was funny.”

Seacrest playfully added: “We’ll talk about this later, darling.” We’re glad that the host was in a high spirits. He almost didn’t make it on to the American Idol set because of his stomach bug. This would have been his first absence in 11 years!

Puke buckets were nearby and Cat Deely (host of SYTYCD) was on call if Seacrest was unable to host. He even received fluids through an IV before taping began. We hope Seacrest is recovering, and that we keep seeing more of the happy couple.