Nokyoung Xayasane
April 26, 2012

Feline Seeks Fame on Rodeo Drive – Vito Vincent, The Star Behind the Cat (VIDEO)

It’s not easy being furry. Nor is it easy to make it big in Hollywood. Many starlets head out to the City of Angels with fame and glory shining in their eyes. Vito Vincent is no different. Well… except that he’s a cat–a loveable, orange tabby with a calm and self-possessed demeanor.

Vito has made TV experiences on 30 Rock and The Colbert Report as Christianne Aman-purr. We wonder if he uses any method acting to get into his roles. Vito’s owner says that the starry-eyed actor has had success in New York, but wants to branch out and take Hollywood by storm. So until he makes his big break, the tabby struts the streets of Rodeo Drive, hoping that his purring will catch someone’s ear and his stride may catch someone’s eye.

Until then, Vito brings smiles from his onlookers, and he’s been known to give a bit of cuddling to enamored passerbys.

Once he makes it big, we hope he doesn’t forget that he too was once an everyday cat, and that fame won’t get to his head. Diamond-encrusted milk bowl, much?

Good luck, Vito!