Nokyoung Xayasane
April 11, 2012

Charles Manson Parole Verdict – Serial Killer Denied

Charles Manson, 77, has been denied parole. The verdict came today, and is Manson’s 12th bid for early release. The serial killer can reapply for parole in another 15 years at the age of 92.

A photo was released of the serial killer earlier this month, showing an aged and greying Manson with a faded swastika tattoo on his forehead. The convicted killer of seven was not at the hearing. “At his age, I think he doesn’t care,” said Deputy District Attorney Patrick Sequeira. “He would be lost if he got out. He’s completely institutionalized,” added Sequeira.

Debra Tate, sister of the murdered actress Sharon Tate, argued against Manson’s release for what she hopes will be the last time. Tate has been present at all the parole hearings for Manson and any Manson “family member” for the past forty years. Susan Atkins, one of the three women convicted with Manson, died in prison, while Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkel remain imprisoned. A commissioner, deputy commissioner, attorneys, and family members of Manson’s victims were present.

Attorneys for both sides gave presentations and read letters by the victims’ relatives and loved ones. They also reviewed Manson’s prison records. He has violated many rules since his parole hearing five years ago. The California Department of Corrections revealed that Manson has been caught in possession of a weapon, threatening an officer, and possession of contraband cell phones.

The parole panel deliberated closely before denying Manson parole.