Nokyoung Xayasane
March 29, 2012

Demi Moore in Anguish Over Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher’s Romance

Newly released from rehab, Demi Moore is now reeling from her ex-husband’s new high profile tryst. Ashton Kutcher and Rihanna‘s eight-week fling may be getting serious as sources claim that the Barbados-born singer has introduced Kutcher to her brother, Rorrey.

Rihanna was spotted last week driving up to Kutcher’s pad at midnight, and leaving at around 4 in the morning. To make matters worse, Rihanna has invited Kutcher to London where she will be performing in the Wireless Festival in July.

Moore is reportedly heartbroken over rumors of the unlikely pairing, and feels that Ashton is rubbing her face in the demise of their six-year marriage by his numerous flings, and “having a female like Rihanna visit his bachelor pad late at night is the final straw for her,” a source claims.

Only weeks out of rehab, Moore is said to be in a delicate state and these rumors have sent the gaunt actress into a frenzy. A source reveals that “Demi’s been acting crazy ever since, trying to find out information about the pair. Demi is in such a fragile state, even the idea of them together has affected her quite badly. She’s in a terrible way but, at the end of the day, Ashton is a single man and free to do whatever he likes.”

Kutcher and Rihanna remain tight-lipped about the flowering affair.