David Woods
February 29, 2012

JK Rowling New Book Rumors Roundup – What Will Her New Novel Be About?

There isn’t an author on the planet whose next book is more anticipated than JK Rowling. The Harry Potter creator has withdrawn from the public eye recently and rumors are that she is hard at work crafting her next masterpiece.

Recently, she made a rare appearance on her Twitter account to let her followers know that her next book is coming sooner rather than later. “As you may have heard,” Rowling posted on Twitter, “I have a new book out later this year. Very different to Harry, although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much.”

Fans of Rowling immediately began to speculate as to the plot and tone of her new book. At this time, there are few (if any) confirmed details about any aspect of the book. Rowling, understandably, wants to keep everything under wraps.

We know that it will be an adult novel. Exactly what this means is unclear, though. The Harry Potter fans who began reading the first book in that series when they were children are all grown up now, so it makes sense for Rowling to write for that audience. Whether that means her next novel will include sex, violence and other adult themes is unclear, though.

Many have speculated as to the genre of Rowling’s next literary release, but we have no concrete evidence. Will it involve fantasy elements? It’s hard to imagine Rowling not writing about some kind of magic or supernatural things, but perhaps she wants to switch things up and avoid all of the themes that made Harry Potter so popular.

Ultimately, fans are at the mercy of Rowling. She may tweet more details about the book as its release date approaches, but maybe she will try to keep everything under wraps so that her audience can be truly surprised as they read the book. Either way, the book should be an enormous success.