David Woods
February 24, 2012

Gerard Butler Out Of Rehab! Find Out What He’s Was Addicted To

Actor Gerard Butler, star 300 and several much crappier movies such as Gamer, has reportedly been discharged from rehab. He was staying at the Betty Ford Center in Racho Mirage, California as he battled substance abuse. Apparently, he’s been there for the last three weeks. His team did a good job of keeping things under wraps–until today, at least. Now, the whole world knows that Gerard is hooked on some kind of drug.

So, just what was it that the Butler was addicted to? According to reports, it was pain medication. The rumor is that Butler suffered a significant injury while shooting 300 that left him in a ton of pain. So, he did what any Hollywood star would do: he started gulping down pain medication like candy (allegedly, of course).

Supposedly, the problem got even worse when Butler was injured again back in December while shooting the upcoming movie Of Men And Mavericks. After getting hurt a second time, his problem with painkillers got worse and it was determined that Butler needed a stint in rehab to get things under control.

The gossip site TMZ is reporting that Butler also has issues with cocaine addiction, but that the main reason he entered rehab was to deal with his addiction to painkillers. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, though!

Twirlit wishes Gerard all the best on his road to recovery.