David Woods
February 23, 2012

Star Jones Returns To The View After Fight With Barbara Walters Six Years Ago

Star Jones made her long-awaited return to the daytime talk show The View yesterday. It has been six years since Jones last appeared on the show. Back then, she was a member of the panel.

After exchanging pleasantries, Barbara Walters launched right in to the topic everyone wanted to hear about: why Jones abruptly left the show back in 2006.

“People keep saying to me, why did she leave, and why hasn’t she been back in six years, and we have never discussed it,” Walters remarked.

Jones cut her off, saying, “Barbara, are we really going to go here? Do we care at this point, my sister? I honestly don’t.”

Of course, many people absolutely do want to go there. The juicy details about Jones’ departure have been hinted at in the press, but no one seems to know the full story.

What we do know is that Jones’ contract was not renewed back in 2006. Walters said it was for “various reasons,” but the rumor was that she and Jones did not get along behind the scenes.

The show tried to plan a tactful way to announce Jones’ impending departure back then, but Jones jumped the gun and announced it on the air without warning. This apparently ruffled some feathers.

“It was ugly. Everything around was ugly,” Jones said. “It was a bad, emotional time. Nasty things were being said in the media. It was just not a good, emotional time. Barbara, I take real responsibility for my own behavior at all times, but I won’t take responsibility if I have not made a decision I can live with. I made the decision, and wanted to go out on my own terms. I wanted to be able to control it, so I could walk back in here…and feel good about it.”