David Woods
February 17, 2012

Colbert Report Suspended Because Stephen Colbert’s Mother Is Very Sick, According To Reports

Yesterday, we reported on the abrupt and mysterious suspension of production on The Colbert Report. We speculated as to possible reasons for the show to be put on re-runs without any warning. In the end, we determined that the most likely cause was an urgent personal matter affecting one of the principal figures behind the show.

Unfortunately, it appears that that is the case. According to multiple reports, including a New York Post article citing sources close to the program, Stephen Colbert’s mother is near death and Stephen has left the show to be with her.

Lorna Colbert is 91 and she raised Stephen, along with 10 other children. Stephen has mentioned her many times in interviews and he is said to still be very close with her. In 1974, Stephen lost his father, James, and two of his brothers, Peter and Paul, in a plane crash.

Details were slow to emerge because the Colbert family is a private and tight-knit clam.

“They are a very private family,” a source is quoted as saying in the New York Post article. “It’s not surprising that he did not want anyone to know what was going on.”

This privacy led fans to speculate that the show was put on hiatus due to a possible cancellation or labor dispute. It is now clear that this isn’t the case.

Fans can expect Stephen to remain with his family indefinitely. There are rumors that his mother is very close to death, but there is no concrete information out there. It’s a private matter and we wish all the best to Stephen and his family during this difficult time.