David Woods
February 09, 2012

Will Ferrell NBA Player Introductions Are Hilarious (WATCH)

The NBA should hire Will Ferrell to do player introductions at every game.

Last night in New Orleans, at an NBA game between the hometown Hornet and the Chicago Bulls, actor and comedian Will Ferrell showed up to introduce the players. He got all the names right, to his credit, but he took a few liberties when ad-libbing in some facts about each of the players.

Take a look:

Ferrell started things off by saying, “At forward, No. 5, he still lives with his mother … Carlos Boozer,” and later went on to tell the New Orleans fans that Luol Deng “collects rare birds and has a pet dolphin named Chachi.”

According to Ferrell, Joakim Noah is “a Scorpio and a horrible dancer,” and Ronnie Brewer “once ate 20 hot dogs in an hour.” These are the kind of hard-hitting (and completely made up) facts that you don’t get at most NBA games.

Perhaps the most cutting and vicious (in a playful way) fact was reserved for superstar Derrick Rose. Ferrell introduced Rose by saying, “And at guard, No. 1, his favorite movie is The Notebook … Derrick Rose.”

Ferrell has been seen at several Hornets games this year, so maybe it shouldn’t come as a big surprise that he would want to get more involved with things. It has long been known that he’s a big sports fan.