David Woods
February 02, 2012

Leslie Carter Died Of An Overdose, According To Reports – Nick Carter’s Sister Was Taking Medication For Depression

According to reports emerging today, Leslie Carter’s death on Tuesday was the result of an overdose. The sister of pop singers Nick Carter and Aaron Carter was reportedly taking medication to treat depression.

Leslie Carter’s official cause of death has yet to be determined, pending the results of toxicology tests that are currently being performed in New York state. However, a police report that was released today includes information that may shed some light on how the 25-year-old’s unexpected death occurred.

Leslie’s Carter’s stepmother, Ginger Carter, reportedly told local authorities that Leslie had experienced “a long history of mental illness” and that she appeared to be depressed on the morning before she died. These details can be found in an incident report from the Chautauqua County sheriff.

The report goes on to describe Leslie Carter’s actions on the day of her death. She was at he father’s house with her 10-month-old child and complained that she was not feeling well in the morning. She then apparently went to the bathroom and didn’t come out for an extended period of time. Ginger Carter found her inside the bathroom in a weakened state and helped her to a bed where she could rest. Later in the day, she was found nonresponsive and rushed to hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

Inside the home, authorities found medication to treat schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and anxiety. They also found a muscle relaxant.

At this point, it seems likely that the many different medications Leslie Carter was taking interacted in such a way as to cause her death. This has yet to be confirmed, as we are still waiting for the results of toxicology tests.