David Woods
February 01, 2012

Paula Abdul Fired In X Factor Bloodbath – Who Is Next To Go?

It’s not a stretch to say that things didn’t go exactly as planned in the first season of The X Factor. As we covered here, ratings for the show fell short of expectations and much of the competition’s coverage in the media surrounded the poor behavior of its competitors.

The show’s producers apparently realized that a shake-up was in order and they have delivered in a big way. Host Steve Jones has been fired, along with judge Nicole Sherzinger. Far more stunning, however, is the news that Paula Abdul is also out.

Abdul has a long history with X Factor creator Simon Cowell (who will remain a part of the show as a judge, alongside L.A. Reid and presumably some new faces) and she is said to be stunned and infuriated by the news of her firing. She issued a statement saying that she understands “how business decisions oftentimes override personal considerations,” but reports from those close to her say that she is extremely upset.

Reportedly, FOX executives conducted research regarding how audiences perceive the judges on The X Factor and they concluded that Abdul is simply “too soft.”

As for Sherzinger, the research allegedly showed that she was hated by many fans (and, if the rumors are true, she was also hated by the show’s crew because of her abrasive diva attitude).

“On top of being an impossible diva to work with, so many fans really hated [Sherzinger],” a show staffer said. “Especially after her vote led to [popular contestant] Rachel Crow being eliminated.”