David Woods
January 17, 2012

Avril Lavigne And Brody Jenner Reportedly Break Up

She said “see ya later, boy,” according to sources close to Avril Lavigne.

The Canadian singer had dated reality star Brody Jenner for two years, but the couple is reportedly on the outs as of last week.

Lavigne, 22, and Jenner, 26, just couldn’t work out how to balance their relationship with their individual career aspirations, according to sources.

“Every time he wanted to come back and take meetings to get his career back in order, she would make him go to Asia and Europe,” a source told Us Magazine.

Lavigne, of course, is still a relatively big name in the music world and also has a clothing line, Abbey Dawn, that she runs.

Jenner has been out of the spotlight lately, but the former star of MTV’s The Hills reportedly wants to get back in the spotlight and was finding it hard to do so while staying by Lavigne’s side. Lavigne even went so far as to veto several television offers that Jennings received, allegedly. That’s cold.

According to sources, it sounds like the couple isn’t necessarily opposed to getting back together. Perhaps they just need some time off to establish a new balance in their relationship that will allow both of them to pursue the career they wish to have.