David Woods
January 13, 2012

Khloe Kardashian Won’t Be Happy About Husband Lamar Odom’s Night With Strippers

It’s been a rough week for Khloe Kardashian and it doesn’t look like it’s going to get easier any time soon.

Earlier this week, reports emerged that indicated Khloe may not actually be a Kardashian. Though her family has denied the rumors, the report alleges that Robert Kardashian is not actually her father.

Just days removed from the sting of those rumors, Khloe is now dealing with a story that may hurt even more. Lamar Odom, her husband, was reportedly spotted cavorting with strippers a few nights ago. If the rumors are true, we’re guessing Khloe will have some choice words for her hubby.

RadarOnline.com has the story and the site says that it has heard from “multiple eyewitnesses” that Odom was seen at a Washington, D.C. strip club called Stadium throwing around hundreds of dollars. Allegedly, he retreated to a dark corner at one point and it’s unclear exactly what transpired after that.

“Strippers were grinding on him,” said a source.

Several people who were at the club at the same time as Odom tweeted about his presence, so it sounds like there’s truth behind this rumor. There’s even a report that Odom went to a back room with one of the strippers and spent a lot of time with another one who happens to look a lot like Khloe.

Making matters even more interesting is the fact that Odom attended the strip club with some Dallas Mavericks teammates mere hours before the team was honored by President Barack Obama for winning the 2011 NBA title.