David Woods
January 10, 2012

Blue Ivy – What’s In A Name?

Beyonce and husband Jay-Z just gave birth to their first child and it took mere hours for the famous couple to face criticism for their choice of name.

Blue Ivy Carter is their daughter’s full name and, according to the results of numerous online polls, most of the public doesn’t like the name. This Us Weekly poll, for instance, has 78 percent of respondents saying that they don’t like the name.

The question many are asking is how did Beyonce and Jay-Z come up with the name Blue Ivy?

The couple hasn’t made a public statement explaining the name, but that hasn’t stopped people from guessing where it came from. Blue is a color that Jay-Z has rapped about in the past and it seems to hold a special place in his heart. In the song “Go Crazy,” he says that his “favorite hue is Jay-Z blue.” And, of course, there are the three different Blueprint albums he’s released.

Ivy, according to some reports, comes from the Roman numeral IV, which means 4. The number 4 is supposedly special to Beyonce and Jay-Z because they were both born on the 4th (September and December, respectively) and they were also married on the 4th (April, 2008). And, of course, Beyonce has an album named 4.