David Woods
January 10, 2012

Amber Portwood Reports On Life In Jail

Using a flexible pen that can’t be used to stab anyone, Teen Mom star Amber Portwood wrote a letter to her brother in which she describes the conditions of her incarceration. TMZ obtained the letter and the details are quite interesting.

The troubled young woman said that she is under close watch by jail security and that some people think she is a danger to other inmates. It’s standard for inmates to be given pens that can’t be used as weapons to write letters, so perhaps Portwood is seeing special treatment where none exists.

Regardless, it sounds like she may finally be learning her lesson.

“I don’t think I’ll ever take this sh*t for granted,” she wrote in the letter. “I’m scared I’m going to prison.”

She added, “all I think about is Leah and how she needs a ro-model (sic).”

Portwood is scheduled to appear in court on January 27 for a hearing about her probation violation (she was busted for drug possession and failing to provide a urine sample). She faces a sentence of us to two years in the slammer.

“I am a good person and I pray that I can change my life,” she wrote. We hope so, too.