Angela Scott
January 03, 2012

Russell Brand Cashing in on Divorce: Katy Perry Could Pay $20 Million

katy-perry-russell-brandAccording to Russell Brand’s interview with New York Magazine last year, he did not sign a pre-nup with Katy Perry. That could be great news for Brand and harsh news for his ex-wife: Perry’s fortune is estimated to be at least $40 million, and California divorce law says that must get split down the middle.

The divorce, which has just recently become public, came as a bit of a shock to some fans, but shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise given the couple’s constant arguing. Brand submitted the divorce papers, and now it’s time to divide the wealth.

Although both are millionaires, Forbes reports that Perry is worth at least $44 million, while Brand has banked a mere $15 million. If all goes as predicted, this could be a particularly good start to the year for Brand, and he seems to be well aware of that fact. “I’m doing good,” he told London’s Daily Star, “Everything is going to be better next year”.