June 08, 2011

Bachelorette 2011 Bentley Williams Ex-Wife Photos, Suzette Davis, and Daughter Photos!

Bentley Williams sparked quite the scandal on Monday night when he left The Bachelorette 2011 show after completely humiliating and embarrassing Ashley Hebert in front of millions of viewers.

Ashley was warned about Bentley before the show started. Michelle Money (former Bachelor contestant) is friends with Bentley’s ex-wife, Suzette Davis, who is not on the best terms with him anymore.

Who is the woman who stole Bentley Williams’ heart and mothered his baby?

Meet Suzette Davis. She runs and accessory line called Cozette Couture and her daughter (who is also Bentley’s daughter) often models some of the products.

And how do we know for sure that this Suzette Davis is Bentley’s ex-wife?

In addition to their daughter’s name being Cozey (or Cozy), which Bentley himself revealed on the show, Suzette’s twitter account shows a message from June 6 (Monday night) saying “Not looking forward to tonight, that’s for sure.” After the episode aired, she tweeted, “I have honestly never felt so much love and support in all of my life. Thanks for all of the messages, tweets, texts etc. I love you all.”

We also found THIS photo (above right) and many others (in the photo gallery below) of Bentley and Suzette when they were still happily in love.

Many tabloids are reporting that Bentley tried getting back together with Suzette before he appeared on the show and that he still wants to reconcile with her now that he’s back home.

Funny, his ex-wife looks a lot more like Emily than Ashley.

Seems like Bentley has a type!


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