December 14, 2011

Janice Dickinson Slams Kim Kardashian, Calls her Trash (WATCH)!

Last week, former super model Janice Dickinson slammed Tyra Banks calling her fake and openly claiming that America’s Next Top Model is completely rigged. This week, the 56-year-old former ANTM judge has a new target: Kim Kardashian.

“Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian? Sluts, whores and sluts. That’s what they are,” Janice told Star magazine in an exclusive new interview. She goes on to say that Kim Kardashian’s marriage was a “fake sham marriage” that was “disgusting because they did it for money.”

Janice holds nothing back in the controversial interview where she reveals that Kim K snubbed her many times at a salon they both used to frequent.

“She’s a fraud, she’s a hoax,” Janice declares after referring to Kim’s behind as a “heap of lard.”

Seems as though the only way Janice makes headlines these days is by publicly dissing other celebs. I’ve got to say though, I do appreciate her honesty.

Take a look at the hilarious interview HERE.