David Woods
December 07, 2011

‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Throws Down In A Restaurant

It sounds like Teen Mom star Amber Portwood hasn’t put her recent troubles behind her.

Portwood was caught on video getting into a fight with a stranger in an Indiana restaurant on November 18. No television cameras were present, so the fight wasn’t staged for any TV show.

Radar has obtained the video and posted still photos from it. In the photos below, Portwood can be seen calling out another patron and then, in the corner of the image, she appears to be throwing punches.

Portwood appears to act aggressively toward another restaurant patron

In the bottom-left corner, Portwood appears to physically engage the patron

Star magazine was able to get an interview with a witness who described Portwood as “drunk” and added, “there was another girl in the restaurant who had been drinking too and apparently said something about Amber to her friend.”

“Amber instigated the fight,” the source added. “She told the girl, ‘You don’t know anything about me! I’m gonna whup your ass!’ They just attacked each other.”

Previously, Portwood was caught on tape–this time as part of the Teen Mom series–physically attacking her ex-boyfriend (and father of her child), Gary Shirley. She was charged with domestic battery for the incident and plead guilty earlier this year.