November 28, 2011

Kourtney and Kim Take New York (WATCH) Premiere: Marriage Trouble!

The season premiere of E!’s hit show Kourtney and Kim Take New York aired last night and it was very clear why Kim and Kris decided to file for divorce: they weren’t really ever married anyway.

The episode kicked off with news clips from media stations and outlets all around the world reporting on Kim’s decision to file for divorce. A blank screen then came on with the words “8 weeks earlier” and the real footage began airing.

At first, there were a few lovey-dovey moments between Kim and Kris – but they didn’t last long. By then end of the first episode (which was not long after they had tied the knot) Kris had moved back to Minnesota and Kim was left in New York by herself.

The biggest problem with Kim and Kris’ relationship was the fact that they didn’t live together before they agreed to walk down the aisle in a multi-million dollar wedding.

Almost all of their arguments stemmed from their living situation, whether it be living with Scott and Kourtney or attending events to promote the E! show. Kim and Kris clearly rushed into a relationship (actually a marriage) before they did their homework to make sure their lives were compatible.

After only seeing the first episode, it’s very clear that Kim made the right choice in her decision to divorce.

Did you watch the show? Do you think all the signs were there from the beginning?

Check out these long clips from the first episode: