November 18, 2011

X Factor Astro Twitter Comments Over Bottom 2 Spark More Controversy!

X Factor contestant Astro is making headlines this morning after a temper tantrum her threw when he found out he was in the bottom two on the show last night.

You can see the comments from over 500 fans here and here but now it’s his comments on his Twitter account that have fans still up in arms.

After nearly refusing to perform for the judges before they decided who was going home last night, the 15-year-old rapper stood with his arms crossed and rolled his eyes the entire time they gave their feedback.

Astro was scolded by the judges (see video below), particularly Simon but his Twitter comments make it seem like he thinks he’s a shoe-in to win the competition.

Here are a few of Astro’s messages from last night:

“Atsshields51 I’m sorry you feel that way but I will never be silent when I believe I have been done an injustice. Heart on my sleeve!”

“I feel yall on that but I wasn’t talking about viewers when I said I don’t wanna perform. If you only knew what I know you’d say otherwise.”

We’re not exactly sure what Astro’s referring to but that comment wasn’t the only thing he said that indicated there was some behind-the-scenes drama on the X Factor:

“Politics!! Don’t be fooled by what you don’t know! Thank you AstroNauts for holding me down!!” was another message on his Twitter, followed by “It’s funny how people are quick to judge not knowing whats going on behind the scenes. Maybe I should have given my Disney smile instead.”

Wow! Some big words from Astro. Should be interesting to see what he has to say for himself when he hits the stage next week.

Do you think Astro should have been sent home last night?