November 17, 2011

Kim Kardashian Publicist Jonathan Jaxson Suicide Attempt via Twitter!

Kim Kardashian has reportedly issued lawsuit against a man named Jonathan Jaxson who claimed to be the reality star’s publicist from 2007 to 2009 for telling the media that he thought her marriage was a sham.

Jaxson went on the record and told the media that he believes the marriage was staged for the show – the same way he helped her stage engagement rumors (when she was dating Reggie Bush) back in 2007.

As of November 11, according to his website, he was not served with any papers but it appears now he has been and he’s taking the news hard.

According to RadarOnline, Jaxson allegedly attempted suicide last night and documented his experience via his Twitter account (which is now deleted).

Radar has a screenshot of the messages, which include the following statements:

“These chest pains worry me…all as I sit here looking at a bottle of round objects. It is too much anymore and tonight I was bullied!

“I feel like going to a better place then here on Earth right now. One is trying to destroy my life and I won’t ever win.

“Suicide I would never promote, but it is me against money and elite and I will never ever ever win… This is no hacker…It is me.”

He also reportedly posted a YouTube video of himself crying and talking about how he could no longer fight Kim after she’s attempted to keep him quiet.

His YouTube account has since been deleted as well.

Fortunately, one of his BFFs saw the messages and went to his house right away where paramedics met them at his home. He was reportedly then taken to the hospital.

Story developing…