November 04, 2011

New Breaking Dawn Trailer: All About the Wedding (WATCH)!

Twilight fans are anxiously awaiting the arrival of the latest installment of the hit movie this month and we have a new, exclusive trailer to help hold you over until the 18th.

This trailer shows footage of the family preparing for Bella and Edwards’ wedding. The best part is when Bella’s dad walks in and there’s a silence in the room and he breaks the silence by saying “I know, I look hot.” LOL!

The clip is short but it’s enough to keep teasing fans until the premiere of the movie in a couple of weeks.

What are you most excited about seeing the new Breaking Dawn movie? The wedding? The honeymoon? The sex? Oh who are we kidding…we’re all excited for all of it!

Will you be watching Breaking Dawn on the night it hits theaters on November 18?