November 03, 2011

Judge William Adams Daughter Speaks Out About Beating on Today Show (WATCH)!

Judge William Adams is under fire this week after his disabled daughter posted a video of him beating her when she was a teenager and it went viral. Today, his daughter Hillary, sat down with Matt Lauer for an interview with the Today Show where she revealed her reasoning for posting the video on YouTube.

The video of the beating can be seen here (warning, there is very graphic footage in the video) and the video of Hillary (and her mom – who was also seen beating her daughter in the video) on the Today Show this morning can be seen below.

Hillary basically said that her reason for posting the 7-minute video was because she wants her father to get the help and counseling he so badly needs. When asked if she wanted him to lose his job, Hillary did her best to distance herself from the question but it’s clear that she does not want her father to maintain his position as a family judge.

When cameras caught up to Judge William Adams yesterday, he seemed adamant that he made the right decision in beating his daughter on countless occasions.

Check out the 10-minute video below to get all the details on this horrific situation:

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