October 28, 2011

Kim Kardashian Kris Humphries Divorce: New Fight Video Sparks Interest!

Kim Kardashian was making headlines earlier this week after she scammed her Twitter followers into voting for her brother Rob on Dancing with the Stars but today she’s making headlines for this video (see below) which shows her and hubby Kris Humphries fighting in public.

The word “fight” might be a little dramatic when it comes to what’s actually shown in the video but there’s no doubt that there’s trouble in paradise for this newlywed couple.

Kris and Kim should be enjoying the honeymoon phase of their relationship but instead they are taking separate cars to dinner and arguing in public.

It’s very clear from the video footage that Kris and Kim are fighting. Despite showing up in different cars, Kris joins Kim in her car where they seem to exchange words and angry glares. Then, Kris gets out of the car and drives off in his own vehicle while Kim goes in another direction.

Every couple fights but a couple who just got married should not look so miserable so much. There’s rarely footage of them having a good time (except when it’s staged for the cameras) and they’ve only been dating for less than a year.

Do you think Kris and Kim’s relationship is going to end up in divorce?