October 24, 2011

Jessica Simpson Pregnant – More Photos Confirm Pregnancy (PICS)!

Jessica Simpson’s pregnancy is undoubtedly the worst kept secrets in Hollywood.

Sure, for a few months at the beginning it was hard to tell if Jess was in the middle of another weight gain phase but the perfectly round baby bump that the former Newlyweds star keeps holding in photos pretty much solidifies what most of us already knew: Jessica Simpson is 100 percent pregnant.

In addition to all of the other baby bump photos from the past few months (you can see them all here), these new photos have surfaced where Jess seems to be showing off her baby bump with no qualms at all. Perhaps she’s ready to confirm!

Jessica and Eric are rumored to be walking down the aisle in November but, if her tummy is any indication, those plans are likely put on hold. We can’t see Jess walking down the aisle when she’s this far along.

So how far along is she?

It’s hard to say exactly where Jess is in her pregnancy. She has quite the prominent baby bump which means she’s well over 3 months along – but she must not be more than 6 months pregnant or she wouldn’t be flying (pregnant women aren’t supposed to fly in their third trimester). These photos were taken as Jess prepared to board a flight at LAX.

That said, it seems as though she’s likely 4 or 5 months along.

Jess has not confirmed her pregnancy but is expected to do so any day.

Now that you’ve seen these photos, do you agree that Jess is DEFINITELY pregnant?

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