October 24, 2011

Courtney Stodden Kicked Out of Pumpkin Patch for Being Too Sexy (PHOTOS)!

Over the past few months, the world has seen more of Courtney Stodden than most of us wish to see in a lifetime. Unfortunately she’s not going away anytime soon and the desperate diva proved just how noticed she wants to be when she showed up to a Hollywood pumpkin patch looking like THIS (see photo right).

Courtney, 17, made headlines in May when she married 51-year-old Dough Hutchinson and she continues to make headlines for her relentless antics that rival Heidi Montag circa 2010.

Her latest plea for attention came at the expense of families and children at the pumpkin patch. Not only did Courtney show up to the family friendly venue in super short cut-offs, a tied shirt that showed off her midriff and white hooker boots but she began posing so provocatively with her husband that security had to intervene.

The security guard approached the couple and asked them to leave the facility. The venue had received so many complaints from parents of young children that the couple was actually removed from the pumpkin patch and asked not to return.

Here’s hoping these two wait a long, long time before they decide to reproduce.

Her parents must be so proud.

Am I the only one who thinks she’s incredibly scary looking?

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